Welcome To Billy's Day-Care For Dogs


EXCITING NEWS! Billy's at Belmont are now open on Saturday's for Day-Care and Trial Appointments. Book Now as spots going fast for this very popular day!


We all lead busy lives and unfortunately that means our furry family members are left at home, alone, more often than we would like.  Dogs that are bored could become destructive or develop problems such as incessant barking and anxiety.  We have found that healthy, stimulated dogs are less likely to indulge in destructive behaviour such as digging in the garden or chewing up the furniture.

One or two days a week at day-care are proven to help maintain your dogs healthy mental well being and of course are a great outlet for your dogs energy, all whilst keeping up their ESSENTIAL socialisation skills.

Let the caring and qualified staff at Billy's Belmont, or Billy's Wangara, share their wealth of knowledge and experience with your family and provide your cherished puppy or dog with the socialisation, exercise and company they need whilst you attend to work or chores with peace of mind.

Billy’s in Belmont and Wangara are Perth's premiere destination for your treasured pet dogs and puppies. Our Belmont facility, which opened in September 2008, is a purpose built 600 square metre indoor day-care centre for dogs. Our Wangara facility, which opened in January 2012, is a purposed built 300 square metre indoor day-care centre and both are run by industry qualified staff.

We cater to dogs and puppies of all ages (from 8 weeks), and sizes, and have separate areas within the complex so that your dog will play with others their own size and/or temperament and vaccination status. 

Our goal is for all the dogs in our care to have a fun, clean, and safe environment whilst they play the day away. The friendly staff at Billy’s are committed to providing socialised fun-filled days and are ready and willing to play with your dog throughout the day (or provide a nice warm lap!). At all times there is human supervision to ensure your furry friend is happy and safe. Our play areas are cage free, however for those dogs that are crate trained there is the option of a quiet crate rest when required.

At Billy’s, dogs are never bored because there are both human and canine companions for your dog to interact with. Our facility is filled with loads of toys, games and special items like Hay Bales that keep things new and exciting each week. We also provide soft, comfy beds for nap times and those wanting to chill out after a morning of play play and more play!

The relationship between owner and pet is an important one, so our intention is not to replace you as the primary care giver but to supplement your care by providing exercise and stimulation for your dog when you can’t.

At Billy’s we strive to ensure that all of our furry charges will go home tired and happy.